Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile

Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile : Hay guys, first of all welcome to Smart Tricky. Today we are discuss about how can i use 1 whatsapp account on 2 devices. Whatsapp is the one of the most popular messaging application right now. If your are a busy people and you use 2 smartphone. Also you want to use one whatsapps account in your two smartphone. So hear i will sharing a best method for Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile. 

Many people daily ask me how to use two whatsapp account in one phone without root. Their are lots of tricks regarding this topic in google search, but many article are useless right now.  So in this article i am going to show you how can you use same whatsapp account on multiple devices. This tricks is so easy, you can use in two minus.

Their is Two process one is with apps another is without apps. So we start from the apps process.

Required for One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile.

  • An Android Mobile (version 4.0+)
  • First Phone For one Time.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Whatscan for whats apps web.

1. First you need to open play store from your Second android device.

2. Go to the search bar and search for Whatscan for whats apps web and install it.


3. After installing the apps open it.

4. It will ask you to choose your language.Select your language.

How to Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile

5. It will ask you for password protection.If you want you password security click yes either click to no.

6. Then it will generate a bar code automatically.This bar code will play a impotent roll in this tricks.How to Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile

7. Now tack the first phone and open the whats app messenger.

8. Then go to the right corner three dot and click the Whatsapps web.

How to Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile

9. And scan the bar code which generated in your phone from Whatsapps web.

And it will tack 2 minutes for copying the all data of first phone. And its done the tricks. Now you can see first mobile whats apps conversation from your second mobile phone. If you do not want to use any apps their is another tricks for you. So follow the step by step.

1. First thing to do take your second mobile and install Google Chrome browser, if you already install it so ignore this step.

2. For this tricks need to updated the latest version whatsapps on you first mobile.

3. Then go to the from second mobile via Google Chrome Browser.

4. Click on the three dots from the browser’s settings select the “Request desktop site” mode.

How to Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile

5. If the desktop version has been successfully activated, you will see a QR code on the page.

6. Then take your first phone and open whatsapps, go to Settings > WhatsApp Web ( scan the QR code of Second mobile).

7. Once the scan is complete, the account of the second phone will be automatically activated on the first one.

If you have any question regarding ” How to Use One Whatsapp Account in Two Mobile” you can comment down below.