Download Xposed Framework for Android Oreo V. 8.0 & 8.1

We all know about that Xposed Framework is how much popular for customisation our rooted devices. This application is like a magic wand for any android device. And day by day android developer becoming more and more functionality in their world. Like some months ago we were working with Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. Once again XPOSED FRAMEWORK has come to make his position with Android Oreo. This day Oreo is latest Android version and also most popular OS which is release by Google. This is a good news for all Xposed fan that XPOSED FRAMEWORK is now available for most popular Android OS to make more customize and functionality.

Before we talking about “How to install Xposed Framework in Android Oreo?” . We need to discuss about some importent  topics about Xposed Framework.

 What is Xposed Framework?

 Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and it is easy to install and configure. And It already has a plethora of modules available for it. Xposed Framework utilizes the root access on a device to allow users to customize their device on the system level. Xposed Framework is an excellent development that provides you to do much customisation with your android devices. There are lots of modules available that let you customize your device’s look and functionality. It is not a very common but if you not careful, this application can disable your device and then you have to flash your or format it.

What is Xposed Installer?

An application which allows you to small adjustment to your device’s operating system. Xposed Installer is a very interesting application for Android users and it’s gives you  benefits of a customizable ROM.

Xposed Framework Beta 

Xposed, a Framework that allows users to install heavy modifications to Android, usually takes a few months to be updated for every new Android release. Finally Xposed Framework  released for Android 8.0 & 8.1 in Beta version.

Xposed Framework Modules

Xposed Framwork Modules are help to customize rooted Android devices. It is a power full tool that allows you to add certain functionality and features to your device’s stock OS which would otherwise be available only through flashing custom ROMs. And now we will take look some best modules:

  • Youtube AdAway
  • Snapprefs
  • GravityBox
  • XBlast Tools
  • Xprivacy
  • CrappaLinks
  • Custom Battery Metter
  • Device ID changer
  • Disable Flag Secure
  • Disable battery warning
  • Enhanced Toasts
  • Exi for Swiftkey
  • Fake Gapps
  • Fake Wifi Connect
  • Fingerprint enabler
  • Flat style bar indicator
  • ForceDoze
  • Force Touch Detector
  • Force Immersive Mode
  • GNL App Hider
  • Google Search Bar Destroyer
  • GravityBox
  • Greenify
  • HaveOwnOrientation
  • Hide Carrier
  • HowGiveLolli
  • IFontDonate
  • Instant Fase Unlock
  • InstallerOpt
  • Lataclysm 1.32
  • Lightning Wall
  • Lockscreen tweakbox
  • MinMinGuard
  • MaxLock
  • MyAndroidToolsXposed
  • My Day Off Messenger Xposed
  • Native clipboard
  • Network Speed Indicator
  • No Device Check
  • No Lock Home for 5.x/6.0
  • No Lockscreen Wallpaper
  • NSFW GBoard
  • One-Hand Mode Xposed Mod
  • Obb on SD etc.

What is SDK 26 and SDK 27 ?

Android SDK Platform-Tools is a component for the Android SDK. It includes tools that interface with the Android platform, such asadb, fastboot, and systrace. These tools are required for Android app development. They’re also needed if you would like to unlock your device bootloader and flash it with a new system image. For OREO, SDK26 is Android 8.0 and SDK27 is Android 8.1.

How to Download Xposed Framework For Android Oreo?

Now Xposed Framwork available is for Android 8.0 & 8.1 in Beta version. Many developer are working with Android OREO custom ROM. And if you don’t want to install custom ROM then you have need to install latest Xposed Framwork for Android OREO. Below you can find the download of Xposed Framework for Android Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 devices.

Download: XposedInstaller_*.apk must be installed to manage installed modules, the framework won’t work without it.

Check Your Phone Architecture:

At 1st you have to check CPU architecture And Android Version. Now officially supports Android 5.1 Lollipop devices as well. Everything will still work the way it has with Android 5.0 through 5.0.2, but there are a separate set of files for the newer Android version. And the Xposed Framework works on most Android devices, but requires them to be rooted first. Download CPUZ application from play store. And look for CPU Architecture, you should find the CPU Architecture for your phone ARM or ARM64 or x86.

Download Required Xposed Framework Files :

To install Xposed on your device, you need to download two files. Those two files are installer zip file for CPU Architecture and  Xposed App file. And there is also available uninstaller zip file that you can use if you ever want to uninstall Xposed Framework.

Flash the Xposed Framework on Your Device :

Xposed Framework now officially support Android Lollipop version and also you can download Xposed for Marshmallow, Nougat but if you have a latest OS updated device then you have to waiting few days for Xposed Installer. Developer of Xposed Framework OREO rovo89 XDA said few day back that he is working on xposed SDK 26, android oreo xposed framework. He posted a little news about the development status of Xposed for Android oreo 8.0, 8.1.

rovo89 says that he’s aware of a few app crashes happening from time to time, though he claims this hasn’t impaired his user experience and an updated beta will address the issue once the root cause is found. For now, rovo89 also requests that you only report reproducible bugs (i.e. consistent app crashes or bootloops triggered by certain applications or actions), given that random crash occurrences are harder to capture and narrow down.

The installation process is simple, as always. All you have to do is install the Xposed Installer that is attached to rovo89’s forum thread. You will also need to flash the latest framework zip onto your device. The framework zip can be installed by flashing it through a custom recovery such as TWRP. Users running Android 8.0 Oreo will need to install the SDK 26 framework, while users running Android 8.1 will need the SDK 27 framework. The source code for the updated framework will be published once it’s cleaned up and Xposed for Oreo leaves its beta stage.

Install Xposed Installer Apk on your Phone 

To install Xposed Installer must be root your Android phone. Xposed Installer is an interesting tool for Android users who want to take advantage of their device. Xposed Installer gives you the benefits of a customizable ROM without the messy downsides.

Download Xposed Framework files for your phone.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=” Android 8.0 SDK/API Level 26″ ]

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Android 8.1 SDK/API Level 27″ ]Download Xposed Framework for Android Oreo

Install XPosed Installer APK in your Phone.

Just Open the Downloaded apk and install it.

if You blocked by the Android for installing APK file, Goto settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources (Allow Installation of app from unknown sources).

Now, you can install XPosed Installer.

How to Uninstall Xposed Framework from Android 

Simple guide on how to uninstall Xposed Framework on any Android. If Xposed Installer is uninstalled via device System Settings, Xposed Framework still resides on device. Uninstall  this way.

  1. Open App => “Xposed Installer” on the device
  2. Uninstall Xposed Framework from “Xposed installer” (DO NOT uninstall “Xposed Installer” from device System Settings)
  3. Restart Device. 
    You must have any custom recovery installed on your device to install or uninstall Xposed framework it can CWM, TWRP, Philz recovery or any other one. Now many time while installing Xposed framework in our Android device we may be stuck in bootloop ,Keeps on Boot animation or device keeps on restarting after flashing xposed framework.
  If this happens with you also then there is no need to worry about your device is not bricked its just because there is something wrong happen while flashing Xposed installer.You can easily solve this problem by downloading xposed framework and flash it via custom recovery.
  1. At first you have to download Xposed Uninstaller Zip( just like
  2. Then copy or move to your device’s internal or external storage.
  3. Now reboot to Custom recovery. (Like TWRP or CWM or Philz)
  4. Then select install option and browse that location where you pasted.
  5. Now Flash the zip file and Reboot your device normaly. And you have successfully uninstalled Xposed Framework from your android device. If you face any problem in uninstalling Xposed Framework then you can comment below.

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Best Fake GPS Pokemon Go Apps 2018

Best Fake GPS Pokemon Go Apps : Pokemon is one of the most cherished memories of our childhood. And, Pokemon Go has brought back our nostalgic memories. We love playing Pokemon GO game apk in our homes, shopping malls, parks, and every possible place. But, gone are the times when we had to leave our couch, our best-loved comfort zones to catch the Pokemon. Now, the easier way is to spoof your location using Fake GPS catch the Pokemon from your home itself.

Warning: Stuff that can and should get your account banned

There are some cheats that are expressly against the Pokémon Go terms of service (ToS). People do them, and they seem to work, which is frustrating, so more people start doing them, and it creates a vicious cycle. They can also get you banned. Bans sometimes come in waves every month or so, but now they’ve also been joined by “slashing”, which puts a line across illegitimately gained Pokémon and makes them useless in Gym and Raid Battles.

Best Fake GPS Pokemon Go Apps for Android

Here is our some most reliable Fake GPS Pokemon Go apps. We also Provided Direct Download link to the fake GPS app. You can easily Download it and install on your android smartphone or tab. This Fake GPS Pokemon Go application does not need any root for your current android mobile. To use those Fake Gps app for Pokemon go simply open it and choose the country which you want to select and that’s it. This apk automatically set Fake Gps for Pokemon Go. This fake GPS apk also found on Android Google Play Store.

  • Fly GPS Location Fake
  • GPS joystick
  • Fake GPS joystick

Fly GPS Location for Pokemon Go app

The most interesting thing about Fly GPS for use Fake GPS Pokemon Go is it is free of cost and quite easy to download and run. It is used by many people around the world and delivers the promising results. It is one of the most reliable apps for Fake Gps Pokemon Go Location.

This app requires some features for its proper installation and running that are as follows:-

  • The phone should run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above.
  • You are supposed to have a root for Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5 lollipop.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” ]

GPS joystick apk for Fake GPS Pokemon Go

This is one of the most intriguing app for Fake GPS Pokemon Go users who want a simpler method to help mock their location, and this can be easily done by using an overlay joystick controller. This property helps you to use three different fake location options for Pokemon go and they can also be configured according to your special needs.

These interesting settings are listed below:-

  1. You can set your particular Fake GPS Pokemon Go location manually with the help of latitude and the longitude or else you can also their search function.
  2. Your current location can also be detected by the app via your phone’s GPS and then you can use it easily.
  3. You can also use your last saved location where the app was closed. How cool is that!

The basic requirement to run this app is that your phone or your tablet should be running on Android 4.4 KitKat or above versions of Android.

This app can be easily downloaded and installed from So, what are you waiting for, go download install and train your Fake GPS Pokémon Go character using the joystick.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” ]

Fake GPS joystick for Fake GPS Pokemon Go

This is not a free of cost app, but not too expensive also. Fake GPS joystick for Pokemon Go might cost you around $3.99. But, this app is unique in its own ways; it works perfectly without giving too many problems. Fake GPS joystick for Pokemon Go also provides you some more additional features such as automated movement around the Pokemon Go that has been specified. It also has the ability to customize speeds and also you are allowed to update intervals. Some special features also have been inoculated for frequent Fake Gps Pokemon Go users; you can play in expert mode and also master better spoofing techniques. Last but not least, of course, this app helps you to record your location history and also gives you the alternative to save your current location and view them later on for future references.

This App can be easily downloaded from the google play store for just $3.99 and can be installed on your phone or tablets.

The basic requirements for this Fake GPS Pokemon Go apk are either your phone should be running on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or any one of the latest Android versions. The ‘No root mode’ is compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow only or the above-mentioned versions.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” ]

We hope this helps you a lot and catch Pokémons from your comfort zone via Fake GPS location. These Fake GPS Pokemon Go apps are really useful for any Android user. If you have any problem you can comment down below.

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how to hide wifi network from others and connect to hidden wifi

how to hide wifi network from others and connect to hidden wifi : To we are discuss about how to hide a wifi network and how to connect hidden wifi from android mobile.

Why Hide Your Wifi Network?

Your WiFi network shows your friends And neighbors  could ask You about Your WiFi Password in this situation we Should hide our wireless network. And the most simple way to hake anyone computer through wifi network. For the safety reasons many people want to hide there wifi network. If the hacker dose not know your wifi access point name, how they attack  your wifi network.

In this article, I’m going to show you step by step How can you hide your wireless network using Tp-link or Tenda router and how to connect hide WiFi network.


how to hide wifi network Tp-link or Tenda router

If you want hide your WiFi Network You need to change some setting in your WiFi routers Following some steps then you’ll be able to expert Hide Wireless Network.

  • First of all, go to the router back end for-while one a browser and then type your router’s IP address like Or (Default).
  • Then You will show you login popup box that will ask you your WiFi Router’s Username and Password. Most of the WiFi router’s user name and password by default like Username Admin and Password also Admin. If you change before then you should enter change user id and password.
  • After login successfully disable the SSID Broadcast option and note done the SSID name. ( You can see the option on picture for Tp-link and Tenda router )
  • Then save the setting and don’t forget to restart your WiFi router.
  • Now it’s done to hide wifi network.

How To Connect Hidden WiFi on Android Phone

  • First of all, you need to go your Smartphone‘s  then go to the WiFi setting. Click on Add WiFi Network Option of your smartphone screen

  • Then you will show Network Name (SSID), Security option, then Password box.

  • Put the your SSID and password, then click ok.
  • Now it’s done and you can see you connect to the hidden wifi.

If you have any problem to hide wifi network from others and connect to hidden wifi  On Android Phone  you can comment down below.

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how to record whatsapp video call or conversation in android and iphone

how to record whatsapp video call in android and iphone : Today we are discuss about how to record video and audio whats apps call from your android mobile. Whatsapp has not any official features for call recording. So if you want to record whatsapp video call in android and iphone follow the step.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging  application.Youngsters use Whatsapp messenger for chatting with their friends where as some people use Whatsapp for their Business chatting. Whatsapp update their new features in every month. And they have recently update their video call features. You can enjoy video calling on WhatsApp without any interruptions through a internet connection. But their are no official features for recording.

how to record whatsapp video call or conversation in android and iphone

Many people are wants to record Whatsapp calls on Android and iphone. Record your Whatsapp calls  using one third-party app on your Android or iPhone. Android and iPhone both OS support Whatsapp. There are billions of peoples using Whatsapp on Android and iPhone.

How to Record Whatsapp Video Call in Android

  • Firstly download one Screen Recorder apps  from the download link.

 AZ Screen Recorde

Screen Recorde

  • After download the apps open it and start the Screen Recorder by clicking on the red coloured button.
  • Then open WhatsApp and make video calling, now everything which displayed on your screen will be recorded in HD along with the clear audio.
  • After the end of the whatsapp call. Stop the recording from the screen recorder apps.
  • Now you can see your recorded video will be saved to your gallery.

How to Record Whatsapp Video Call on iPhone

  • Open Cydia from your iPhone.
  • And search to download Watusi in BigBoss repo, as you already know it is the best repo for iPhone.
  • Watusi s is the premium application so if you want to purchase it, its best option otherwise you have to search for free on Google.
  • After successfully installing Watusi app, just open Whatsapp messenger and go to settings.
  • You will see a new option of Watusi Preferences there. Click on Record Calls option and enable it.
  • Now, simply make a call to anyone, and your calls will be recorded automatically.

If you have any problems  to record whatsapp video call or conversation in android and iphone comment down below.


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How to download Hotstar videos in Android or PC – 100% Working

How to download Hotstar videos in Android or PC : Welcome back on my side, Today topic is most impotent download Hotstar videos in Android or PC . Hotstar App is the one of the most popular entertainment platform which is available for Free of cost. Basically Hotstar is a digital and mobile entertainment platform . Hotstar officially lunch in February 2015 before the 2015 Cricket World Cup . Hotstar own by Star India. Star India create a greatest Revelation in Indian Television. It is the popular medium for watching live cricket.Recently, Star India hired Varun Narang, a former executive of US online video service Hulu to head the product and technology division at hotstar.

Why you want to Download Hotstar Videos

If you watching online tv shows or movie from the hotstar ,Video would not be saved in your phone memory  .When we are online we are busy for work. This time we are want to download the video from Hotstar. But their for you need to create a account in hot star. Then you can offline the video which you want. So today in this article we are going to share the latest tricks to download Hotstar videos in sd card.

How To Download Videos From Hotstar in sd card

As you know hotstar is one of the most popular android application for online streaming of your favorite tv shows, Movies, Sports and many other stuff like On Air With AIB, Tanhayian. Hotstar has gained lot’s of popularity within just a few months due to it’s unique features. Hotstar permit to watch star network Tv Shows any time any where. And if you create  a premium account you can watch live all Star Network Channel.

How to Convert Hotstar video to mp4

Their are many people search in internet how to convert hotstar offline video to mp4 . Their are some tricks for convert Hotstar offline video to mp4 format but those are mostly fake . Many people daily search on google about How to Convert Hotstar video to mp4 . Because hotstar doesn’t allow you to download latest tv shows and movies.

How to download Hotstar videos in Android Phone

If you want to download hotstar videos from your android phone, this is the tricks for you. If you want you to easy way for hotstar video download, then follow the step by step.

  • First you need a Android device.
  • And then download the videoder from the download Button.

Download Now 

  •  After download the videoder install the apps on your Android device.
How to download Hotstar videos in Android Phone
  • Then click on the hotstar icon, It’s take you to the hotstar website.
  • Select the video, which you want to download and play it.
  • After that you can see a download button  in the left side. Click on the Download Button.
  • Now you can see video Format with the size.


  •    Now select any Format and Download the Video.

It is the so easy process to download Hotstar  mp4 videos in Android Phone .


How to download hotstar videos from pc

You want to download the hotster videos from your pc. Don’t wary this is the simple tricks from Smart Tricky team. You do not install bluestacks or any emulator in this ricks. So, follow the step by step.

  • First you need to install UC Browser (Windows Version) in your pc.
  • Then open the from UC Browser.
  • Select the video, which you want to download and play.
  • Now you need to referrers the page and then a Download Button will appear in your screen.
How to download hotstar videos from pc
  •  Select any Format and Download the Videos from your pc.


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How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone

According to user reviews, many people have ever lost files from their Android smart phone due to a variety of reasons. While, the common problem they have to face is how to recover deleted files from Android smart phone.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Phone

There are a lot of files in our android device. While some are important, others may be less important.But If your photo,Video and other lot more files Deleted by accidentally  from your Android Phone. And if you going to a dangerous Place.You click some Photo or Video’s,then you know if the Photo and Video are existed in your phone you going to face some trouble for while you Delete those Photo and Video.

But if you want the fastest and most effective way to recover lost photo,Video and other lot more files on Android with your Android Device without Desktop or Laptop.Before i went go further The apps name is “Dr.Fone – Recover deleted data” and the apps created by wondershare. Dr.Fone – Recover deleted data is available in two version, Free version and Pro version.

In free version,you get some advertisement. If you want to recover your Message and Contact List then you must go with the pro version.But if you want to Recover your Photo,Video and other some file don’t wary it will work in Free version.

How to work this apps to recover your photo and Video in step by step.

1. Click the Dr.Fone – Recover deleted data this link redirect to play store you need to install .

2. It will show you a permission message,you have to click accept option.

3. After Download open it.If your phone is non rooted this tricks is not work.If you want to root go to the link Root Android Phone. After rooted open it and show you this type of pop up.Go to Photo and Video Recovery.

4. If you want to,photo then select photo format type (JPG,PNG,BMP) if Video format type(MP4,3GP,AVI).


5. And then Scan for clicking arrow. After sometime your dieted photo and video will come in search bar like this.If you want to save it click on the save icon.


So friend,if you facing any problem in Completing the Recovering task,then you can watch my video in Youtube

if you like the video,do Subscribe my Channel for latest tech video.


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